Leadership Excellence and Agility Program (LEAP)

LEAP is a new virtual pilot program designed exclusively for Fellowship alumnae. LEAP will empower you to tap deeper into your authentic leadership, navigate complex challenges, and create even more impact.



Our mission at The Coaching Fellowship is to empower young women impact leaders to build the new world. In service of this mission, we are so excited to introduce the Leadership Excellence and Agility Program (LEAP) exclusively to you, our Alumnae. LEAP has been carefully designed to empower you to tap deeper into your authentic leadership, navigate complex challenges, and create even more impact.

Through the 1:1 Coaching Fellowship program, you gained self-awareness, confidence, an understanding of self-limiting beliefs, and better understood your unique leadership style. However, like every great leader, as you continue on your social impact journey, you will encounter even greater and more complex challenges — both in work and in life. How will you navigate these challenges? We designed the Leadership Excellence & Agility Program (LEAP) to meet these kinds of needs: to be better leaders and to better lead others — coworkers, organizations, communities, or movements.

What are the goals of the program?

Through a 14-week virtual program, LEAP will support you to reach your next leadership level with a focus in the following areas:

  • Amplify Your Leadership Self-Awareness
    Reaffirm individual leadership strengths and values, and explore how to fully leverage them.
    Build on your core fellowship coaching experience, amplify your authentic leadership presence, realize even more fully that all powerful leadership is through relationship with ourselves and others.
  • Create Community and Deep Connection
    Expand your group of trusted peers with impact driven women through deep dialogue and the shared learning experience.
    Share, build, grow and co-create with our global alumnae community in a way you’ve always wished for.
  • Increase Your Leadership Agility
    Increase your leadership agility and the capacity to respond consciously and creatively to situations, interactions, and challenges, even while under pressure.
    Explore different options for leading in every situation, regardless of title or position.
  • Cultivate Authentic Leadership Presence
    Cultivate and practice different ways of being fully present as a leader, tapping into and integrating body, mind and emotions.
    Learn centering practices to use daily and during stressful situations and for greater leadership awareness.
  • Learn Core Coaching Competencies for Leaders
    Bring different approaches to amplify team performance using core coaching skills for leaders.
    Listen for ‘what’s not being said’ and practice listening to understand rather than listening to respond.
    Practice pausing and silence as a strategy for engaging others’ perspectives.
    Ask powerful questions to generate new solutions to seemingly intractable problems.

How does the pilot program work?

How does the pilot program work?

We are running a first pilot of LEAP in Spring 2020.

TCFS Alumnae
Mar 20 — Jun 13
Content + Group Coaching Calls
Peer Coaching Calls
1:1 Coaching


  • 6 group coaching content calls are scheduled approximately one call every 2-3 weeks
  • 3 peer coaching calls in pairs or triads are scheduled in between group coaching content calls
  • 3 optional 1:1 coaching calls are scheduled once per month as needed
  • The full program call calendar will be shared with program participants after registration

What’s the format of the group coaching calls?

We will introduce you to leadership concepts, models and tools, but most importantly this program will be about PRACTICE! Everything we do will be focused on how you can apply tools and concepts in a practical, personal way. These are not webinars, but are truly group coaching calls — every person on the call is accountable for showing up, contributing, and being ready to coach together as a group.

The group coaching calls will be 90 minutes long and conducted via Zoom. They will be a combination of short presentations on concepts, with exercises, practice time, and small group breakouts. At the end of each call we will share a ‘Next Steps’ package with suggested homework, practices, and additional review materials. Finally, each participant will determine a specific, personal set of ‘next actions and practices,’ just as in 1:1 sessions with your coach during your TCFS fellowship program.

The calls will take place on either Wednesday or Thursday, at 8am Pacific Time, to allow for as many time zones as possible to join during daylight. This may be adjusted slightly to best accommodate the actual preferences of participants.

We will also coordinate pairs and trios for peer calls and peer support in between the group coaching calls. These will be based on timezone scheduling preferences.

When we begin the program, you will be given more detailed agendas of the calls. As we go along, we will also customize the calls and content as needed to best serve the group. This is coaching, so all calls will be both led by the coaches and co-created by everyone on the call together.

Who is leading the program?

Each group coaching call will be led by TCFS senior coaches, Elise Falcone Rankin, Maria Troya and Claudia Pape, and you will have them as your guides throughout the program. Elise, Maria and Claudia have worked with over 30 of our fellows in total. They are deeply familiar with and committed to our alumnae’s growth. Confidentiality and creating a safe space for growing and practicing together will be the first priority.

Who is this program for?

Any TCFS alumnae who has completed the TCFS Fellowship program is welcome to join LEAP. The best time to participate in the program is when you:

  • are in an active leadership role
  • are open to exploring how you can be a leader in every situation
  • are eager and ready to learn basic coaching skills to use as leadership skills
  • want to connect deeply, learn together, and support other participating TCFS alumnae
  • have the time and space to dedicate to your leadership development during the program period
  • are willing to co-create the pilot program with us by sharing feedback, participating fully, and understanding the need to make changes as we go

Program Timeline

Program Timeline

February 10, 2020Early bird registration OPEN for pilot program
February 23, 2020Early bird registration CLOSE for pilot program
February 24, 2020Official registration OPEN for pilot program
March 6, 2020Official registration CLOSE for pilot program
March 20, 2020Pilot program kick-off call
June 13, 2020Pilot program completion

Program Fee

The program fee covers the operational cost for our team to make the opportunity available and provide the participants a great experience during the program.

For the Spring 2020 pilot program, we are offering:

Early Bird

(Register between February 10-23, 2020)


(Register between February 24-March 6, 2020)

1:1 Coaching

(Optional — 3 sessions)


How to sign up?

How to sign up?

If you are a TCFS alumna and you are interested in registering for the Spring 2020 pilot program, please complete your registration ASAP before March 6, 2020. For the pilot program, we will be able to work with 12 alumnae participants on a first-come-first-serve basis. If you register after the 12 spots are filled, you will be added to our waitlist for the pilot and/or receive a special invitation to the next program.

Click here to register!

Have questions? Please reach out to Chief Catalyst Nan at [email protected]