Celebrate HER past, invest in HER future.


As another year of fellowship comes to an end, we have been reflecting on all the inspiring women we have had the pleasure of connecting with over the years. Since launching The Coaching Fellowship in 2014, we have:

These women are not only changing the world, they are rewriting history — and we want to invite you to celebrate with us through our Annual End-of-Year Fundraiser Campaign, HERSTORY: Celebrate HER Past, Invest in HER Future!

How does it work?

You will celebrate her past. We will invest in her future!

Identify a young woman leader in your network who is strongly committed to changing the planet, dedicated to self-discovery and development, and willing to speak freely about both difficulties and triumphs. Is it your colleague from a previous job? Is it your best friend? Is it YOU? Once you have your impact leader in mind simply:

Once you achieve your $1,000 campaign goal, she will become a HERSTORY Fellow. We at The Coaching Fellowship will invest in her future and award her six free sessions of 1:1 leadership coaching in 2020 - that’s approximately $3,000 in value, gifted generously by our coaches.

Celebrate With Us

You don’t have to start your own fundraiser to join the celebration. Select one of our HERSTORY Fellow Nominees to support. Get to know the amazing women being championed through HERSTORY and donate to her campaign page! Your donation will bring her closer to her $1,000 campaign goal and invest in her continued growth as a leader. All our HERSTORY Fellow nominees can be seen in the “Fundraisers” section of the campaign page.

Join us to celebrate HERSTORY this holiday season! We can’t wait to celebrate the young women impact leaders in your life, and invest in their future together.


Have questions about HERSTORY? Check out the FAQs.

For more information, questions, or support please contact us at hello@tcfs.org