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The Coaching Fellowship 2017 Cohort 3 applications are now OPEN! Woman leaders creating social change are invited!

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Are you a social impact woman leader? Apply for The Coaching Fellowship Program to receive executive coaching, leadership development and access to a network of 400+ other women leaders. Applications are now OPEN!

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Dear Friends and Family,

The Coaching Fellowship is opening their 10th program and providing coaching opportunities to extraordinary young women leaders in the world of social impact.

Program Highlights for 2017 Cohort 3

2017 Cohort 3 Program will begin October 16, 2017 and coaching will continue until April 27, 2018. Fellows must be available for coaching during this time. Visit program page for timeline and more information.

APPLY TODAY to become a 2017 Cohort 3 Coaching Fellow.
Application deadline: August 18, 2017.

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