Coach Forward Membership

Supporting Organizations Through Coaching

About Coach Forward Membership

About Coach Forward Membership

As we work with more women impact leaders, more have shared the great benefits and power of leadership coaching with their coworkers and teams.

In the last two years, several of our alumnae have invited us to work directly with their impact organizations to help develop their leaders’ resilience and potential. We learned a lot. And, now we are ready to do more.

Our mission is to empower young women impact leaders — our fellows, alumnae, and leaders at women’s organizations — to build the new world. That cannot be done alone. That’s why here at The Coaching Fellowship we have expanded our offering to directly support our alumnae’s organizations, as well as other fellow women’s organizations with access to leadership coaching, so they can go on to do their best work.

Providing coaching helps leaders to leverage their strengths, brings the best out of teams and creates a deeper impact for mission-driven organizations. Coaching can improve a leader’s life, personally and professionally. Our program is designed to help leaders unlock their full potential in work, personal fulfillment and achievement.

How does it work?

How does it work?

Every year, we work with five of our alumnae’s organizations or women’s organizations through our new offering: Coach Forward Membership

The membership includes:

  • Annual organizational membership for team members to access eight sessions of 1:1 coaching via phone/online communications such as Zoom, Skype, Hangout, etc. for a minimum of 6 leaders at the organization
  • 45-min information session from TCFS team about the coaching program and answer questions prior to opening up coaching availability in the organization
  • Selected team members at the organization can submit a Coaching Needs Evaluation form to TCFS team at any time during the membership period to request coaching to begin
  • Coaching centers on setting and reaching goal/s that takes 6 months to complete
  • Coaches are experienced and certified executive coaches from the TCFS network
  • TCFS team to work with the organization to make moderate customization to meet each organization’s unique needs
  • Potential to add more team members to the membership if agreed by TCFS

What is the Cost?

Coach Forward Membership is made available through our coaches’ generous support by providing their valuable services at a significant discount. A typical 8-session 1:1 leadership coaching package would cost between $4,000 and $6,000. For our impact organization members, the cost is $2,100 per team member, with a minimum requirement of 6 participating team members per organization.

How to Become a Member?

How to Become a Member?

For interested organizations, complete this application form to share with us your needs and questions. Our team will choose five organizations to work with per year on a rolling basis.

We are looking for organizations:

  • With at least one team member who has completed our fellowship program
  • OR whose mission is dedicated to supporting women and girls
  • Who understand the impact of coaching and are ready to invest in coaching for their leaders across the organization
  • To trust the process and fully support each individual leader’s personal development, knowing that by investing in each leader, the organization will reap the benefits

Apply to Become a Member Today

Organizations We Worked With?

Organizations We Worked With

University of Oxford - Said Business School
Catholic Charities of Santa Clara

“I gained so much from coaching the first time around. When our team at Rippleworks conducted a culture survey to better understand what the team was looking for in the realm of professional development, coaching came up naturally. TCFS’ expertise in supporting women leaders matched our needs especially well, since our team is 70% female, and our missions are incredibly aligned. Since we began the engagement with TCFS, everyone who has worked with a coach has had a great experience. At an organizational level, we are proud to offer coaching as a benefit that truly stands out for new hires, too.”

Sara Johnson, 2016 Cohort 2 Alum

“Coaching is a powerful method through which MBA students can grow their self-awareness and their own leadership ability. I shared my own experiences where coaching has been transformative in my own journey and spoke to the great quality of coaches and the ethos that TCF has. I had a very positive experience - the TCFS team were very warm, friendly, helpful and committed to providing an excellent experience to the students. I would happily work with TCFS again.”

Shruthi Vijayakumar, 2016 Cohort 1 Alum
Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship
Said Business School, Oxford University

Have questions? Please reach out to Chief Catalyst Nan at [email protected]