The Coaching Fellowship is a successful global program because of people like you. We are a community of coaches who care deeply about young women living their full potential. If you can give back some of your time, please apply today.

What is expected of you as a coach?

Three times per year The Coaching Fellowship provides at least 50 women per program a professional coaching opportunity at a greatly reduced rate so they may focus deeply on personal development and attaining their goals.

We ask coaches to provide 8 hours of completely pro-bono coaching via phone/skype with our fellows from around the world over a three month period. A suggested program would consist of:

The fellowship place is not free. We ask fellows to donate $300 as a charge for the entire program. The entire donation goes to sustaining The Coaching Fellowship, so we may continue to support many more incredible young women in the future. Fellows know a typical coaching package value is around $4,000.