Alumnae Resources at TCFS

Our team put together the opportunities below to support our alumnae’s continuing growth.

Are you looking for leadership development training?

LEAP is for you.

Leadership Excellence & Agility Program (LEAP) is a new virtual pilot program designed exclusively for Fellowship alumnae. LEAP will empower you to tap deeper into your authentic leadership, navigate complex challenges, and create even more impact. Learn more and register here.

Are you hoping to bring 1:1 coaching to your team and organization?

Coach Forward Membership is for you.

Several of our alumnae have invited us to work directly with their impact organizations to help develop their leaders resilience and potential. We learned a lot. And, now we are ready to do more. Every year, we work with five of our alumnae’s organizations or women’s organizations through our new offering: Coach Forward Membership. Learn more and get started here.

Are you, or someone you know, looking for a coach to start 1:1 coaching?

Coaching for All is for you.

At The Coaching Fellowship, we receive many requests from our alumnae and impact leaders beyond our community to work with our coaches. Over the years, we’ve learned that the best way for us to support this need is through a matching service between leaders who are ready for coaching, and our expert coaches who are experienced in working with social impact leaders. Learn more and sign up here.

Do you want to simply talk with a coach for one session and sort through a specific situation?

Spot Coaching is for you.

Different to a long term coaching engagement like the 6-month fellowship program, the spot coaching we offer to alumnae are one-off, ad-hoc coaching sessions. Any TCFS alumnae who have completed their fellowship program can sign up for a spot coaching session for one session at a time. Spot coaching is offered generously by our coach Linda Keegan and Susan Pohl once a quarter. Sign up here.

Are you hoping to stay updated and connected in the community after your fellowship?

TCFS Alumnae Slack is for you.

The alumnae Slack is the home to our alumnae’s online community. You can easily interact with other alumnae from all over the world, ask questions, discovery opportunities, and stay updated with announcements from the TCFS team. Join Slack here.

Do you want to look up TCFS alumnae in different regions and industries?

The Confidential Alumnae Contact List is for you.

You can use the Confidential Alumnae Contact List to search and find all TCFS current fellows and alumnae. Use the filter function on the top left corner of the database to easily see alumnae in your cohort, city or industries. Please keep the contact list confidential and do not share outside of the community. You can reach out to [email protected] and request the link to the Contact List.

Are you hiring or looking for a job position in the social impact sector?

TCFS Community Job Board is for you.

We have a TCFS community job board featuring impact career opportunities from our alumnae and partners' organizations. You can both search for opportunities AND post positions on the job board.

Have more questions? Reach out to our Community Engagement Coordinator at [email protected].